These are some frequently asked questions and their answers. Feel free to contact us if you need further clarification or have any other questions to ask.

What are the fees for consulting with Dr Stephan?2017-03-10T22:02:30+02:00

A first consultation lasts 90 minutes and the fee for this is R900.

A follow-up consultation usually lasts 60 minutes and the fee for this is R600.

A herbal and supplement prescription will usually be made for each patient. The items on this prescription will differ from patient to patient but the total can be expected to be in the area of R600. 

What will a consultation entail?2017-03-27T12:34:21+02:00

In holistic medicine we aim to identify and correct the root causes of disease so that symptoms can be resolved permanently and so that a future of good health can be established. To make the best healthcare decisions, we need to have as complete a picture as possible. This process takes an investment of some time and effort on both the doctor and the patient’s part and could require a number of visits, depending on the particulars of each patient.

The structure of each consultation is dictated by the needs of the particular patient. A first consultation will last 90 minutes and we will discuss your health complaints in detail so that we understand them as fully as possible. We will also discuss your medical history and review previous laboratory tests that have been carried out, as well as your current and past lifestyle to be aware of all the relevant factors that lead up to the current visit. This will include things like your diet, social environment, sleeping patterns, exercise routine, stressors and coping mechanisms, and environmental exposures. We will examine relevant organ systems and order some lab tests if indicated. Depending on the patient, and time permitting, we will do some treatments that are indicated. This could include acupuncture, cuppinglight therapy, bodywork, hydrotherapy etc. We will put together a treatment plan and decide together on some changes to implement and areas to focus on. These will usually be lifestyle changes like dietary habits, exercise routines, sleeping habits and mental adjustments. A patient will usually receive a botanical medicine prescription as well as some supplements to take. We will map out the route forward so that the patient will have an idea of what to expect from our partnership.

A follow-up consultation will usually last 60 minutes. During this time, we will review the results of any lab tests that had been ordered. We’ll also discuss the progress made since the last visit and decide on adjustments to our approach if these are necessary. We will discuss the effects of treatments that were administered during the previous consultation, and carry out further treatments if these are indicated.

The therapeutic relationship is a partnership where the doctor moves alongside the patient in their health journey – neither pushing nor pulling, but providing guidance and counsel and support.

How do I become a patient?2018-12-14T14:23:20+02:00

Have a look at the Contact Us/Become A Patient page. You can schedule an appointment by email, phone or using the contact form. I’m currently available for appointments at my practice on Fridays, but can sometimes accommodate other days as well. The practice is located at 23 Branders Street, Nelspruit.

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